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Trust. Compassion. Hope.

Hi, I'm Diana Journy. I am a Life Coach with a heart to give clients hope. While i  have always been driven to help others, it wasn’t my passion until I went through a devastating event in my marriage and had to adjust to unexpected changes.

My goal is to give hope to those who feel hopeless, along with helping clients embrace change. 

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Pursuing Purpose: Discover Your True Calling and Unleash Your Potential

Discover Your True Calling & Unleash Your Potential

The Pursuing Purpose Retreat is a transformative journey designed:

  • to help you discover your true calling
  • unleash your potential.
  • dive deep into your passions, skills, and interests.
  • emerging with a clear vision of your purpose.

February 3-4, 2024

Vitamin C for the Wounds of Betrayal

Just as you take Vitamin C to help keep your body healthy, these 5 Cs can help you to heal from the wounds of betrayal.


7 Tips to Get Over Your Past

It's really hard to move forward until you have gotten over (or at least made peace with) your past. It's also really hard to know where to begin. I'd like to help.

Our Journey - Book

Tim and Diana Journy tell the brutally honest story from each of their perspectives of the devastation that infidelity causes in a marriage. Their unique style allows the reader to be present with them during their rocky journey from the actual letter of revelation to the steps to restoration.

Splintered Hearts - Book

Where do you go when the pain and heartbreak of a cheating spouse confronts you? What do you do with the feelings of self-doubt, anger, and depression? How do you cope with the alternating tears and murderous rage that envelops you? But perhaps most importantly, where is God when you’re in a pit of such despair that you can barely put one foot in front of the other to face another day?

Fourteen women come together in Splintered Hearts: Untangling the Chaos of Infidelity to tell their stories of surviving adultery.

Journal to Healing

When healing from the devastation of betrayal it helps to sort out the thoughts that are swirling around and, see the connection between your thought process and the disappointment and pain you are suffering from being betrayed. Journaling can be an avenue to make sense out of something that makes no sense. 

Diana Journy, Coach

Get to know Diana on her Facebook page. She provides much in the way of encouragement!

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